A High-End Performance Solution for Database Application Developers!

Oterro is a relational ODBC database engine ideal for use in a file server environment when using application development tools, such as, Visual Basic, Delphi, ADO, ADO.NET, RDO, Cold Fusion, R:Tango, ASP, PHP, Java, WebSphere and many other products. Oterro is the solution for programmers who are exceeding the limits of their current engine. It's the sophisticated high-end database engine that you won't outgrow. Don't go client/server yet - this engine has been optimized for serious custom application development. Oterro adheres to Codd's theory of true relational database management. Oterro is able to operate in a complex multi-user environment at high capacity and high speed. In short, Oterro is the Read/Write, with fully supported Stored Procedures and Triggers, ODBC driver for the R:BASE database.

There are two different R:BASE-specific versions of Oterro available!

Oterro X

Oterro X is the ODBC driver for R:BASE database files that use the RB1-RB4 file extensions. These database files range from R:BASE versions 5.1, up to R:BASE X. Oterro X is a full 32-bit ODBC driver, that can connect to both R:BASE for Windows and R:BASE for DOS database files.

Oterro X Enterprise

Oterro X Enterprise is the ODBC driver for R:BASE X Enterprise databases. The driver connects to the RX1-RX4 database files that were created with R:BASE X Enterprise. Oterro X Enterprise includes the dual architecture 64-bit and 32-bit ODBC drivers.

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